Rates & Fees

We are passionate about connecting our visitors to suitable lenders so that they can try to get the money they need. We’re not concerned about your reasons for borrowing money – we simply want to do our best to help you can the installment loan you’re looking for.

We don’t lend you the money directly. Instead, we work tirelessly with a pool of lenders who we can potentially match our visitors to. This is done using our online request form which can be found on our website.

It is not our decision whether or not you get a loan. Once we receive your information through the request form, it is quickly passed on to the network of lenders after we have screened it to check you have submitted suitable details. Because of this, we are neither a lender nor a loan broker, and any concerns you have about the terms of your loan or the loan itself once you have taken it out must be discussed directly with the lender and not with us.

Different lenders may have different rules and conditions about the loans, which is why it’s important that you ask them any specific questions regarding your loan. Once your details have been passed into the lenders’ systems, there is no longer a need to correspond with us. The lender will contact you asking for further information and will then discuss the terms of the loan with you.

Installment loans can be very flexible, and there is no need to accept the loan just because you have been offered it. You are under no obligation to sign the electronic contract and take out the loan you have applied for. Only once you electronically sign it are you bound by the terms and conditions of the loan.

In the terms of your loan, you will find the due date by which your loan must be repaid. For installment loans, as the name suggests, you will repay the loan in installments. This means that you will repay an agreed amount each month. Before you sign the contract, you should check what this amount is and make sure that you are comfortable with paying it.

If you fail to make the repayments on the agreed dates, you may be charged extra fees. Again, you can read about this in your loan agreement. The fees may vary depending on the amount of money you are borrowing and how late you are in repaying the money. If you have any questions, you should contact the lender directly. If you need to extend your loan for any reason, you might be able to do this, but you will need to directly ask the lender, as the rules may vary depending on which lender you are borrowing money from.

Renewing your loan may also be possible, but different lenders have different policies. If you think there is the possibility of having to renew your loan, ask the lender about this before you sign the agreement. They will be able to advise you about the best way to renew your loan, or perhaps it might be a better option to borrow more money or less money initially.

The lender will not ask you what you are borrowing the money for. Regardless of your reasons for borrowing extra cash in the form of an installment loan, you don’t have to disclose this information to anybody. Whether you just want some extra cash in your bank account or you need to urgently pay for damage to your property, all we are concerned about is helping you get your hands on that money. The lenders are happy to help and will carry out necessary checks solely to ensure you can afford to repay the money you are borrowing.

Not all lenders have the same interest rates and fees for their loans, so if you want to know more about how much interest you will be paying, have a look at the correspondence between you and the lender. You will not receive anything from any lenders until we have passed on your details, so don’t be alarmed if you’ve only just applied and haven’t received anything yet.

Interest rates may vary from lender to lender, and you will be fully informed of how much money you need to repay in your loan agreement. If you’re not sure how interest rates work or how much interest you will be paying each month, you can get in touch with your lender and ask them to go over the agreement with you and give you more specific calculations.

We don’t charge our visitors to use our services and submit an online request form for an installment loan, so you can register online today and start applying for the money that you need.

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